Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The magic word is.......

How can I possibly be registering my boy for
4K? Registration was tonight at the
high school. A few things surprised me. 

1. Laptops all over the place to do registration. What happened to 
filing out forms in ink and having a staff person enter them?
Some establishments are getting lazy!

2. I never thought it would take TWO hours to register and
take a damn picture!  I was thinking 30 minutes would be more than enough 
time. I way under estimated that! Oops. 

We prepared for Parker's first real school picture. He came home and took a bath,
we did his hair, and put his special new shirt on. He was so excited. 
He practiced a natural, non crazy smile in line. He's at this age where he is so nuts. 
When it was Parker's turn, that crazy smile came back. Luckily the photographer
had props. When they noticed he LOVES monkeys, instead of cheese is says 
MONKEYS to smile! That's my goofy kid. 

I have to say Parker did awesome. He was very patient. He also knew
if he was bad there would be no going to the "pizzeria", AKA Pizza Hut. 
I have no idea where he got pizzeria from, but it's cute. 
All in all, we had a very busy night. I did take my own 4k picture though. 

I know, it's a bit grainy, but I love his expression. And btw, this pose was ALL him!



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