Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cookies,Coffee and.........CAMERAS!

So I'm sure I'm like most moms, I LOVE COFFEE! I am not fully awake until I have had two servings of caffeine. 
What really goes best with coffee? Some may say eggs or breakfast. I love sweets with coffee.


 I'd never given thought to having cake and coffee in the morning, until the morning after my birthday this year. I snuck into the kitchen before Parker got up and had a huge piece of my cake!! I promptly followed that with my coffee. It was delicious! 

Now my last, but certainly not least, favorite thing ........ CAMERAS! I really try now to be fooled by gimmicks but I think Bob pointed out something today. I bought a sony "zoom lens" to attach to my iPhone. The little lens, (Bob pointed out it's just a little point n shoot really) could easily be any point and shoot with an Eye-Fi card. That may be BUT, it's tiny, works well, and looks awesome. When my new camera case comes it will look like this......

Now I know it doesn't matter how cute it is if it takes horrible pictures. I actually took the top 2 pictures with the Sony DSC-QX10 in a few minutes. It's not a DSLR, but I'm having fun. More to come tomorrow!


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