Saturday, November 10, 2012


As the time comes to weather proof our home for winter, I am left wondering how many perfect photo days remain. I wouldn't say I'm a "fair weather" photographer, but I do not like adventuring out when the weather is wet or cold. MAYBE I am a fair weather photographer. The ideal way for me to work my hobby would be to shoot away in the great weather and edit like hell when the weather is not so great. I am just coming up with this so it's a little late. 

Last weekend we "fell back" and gained an extra hour on Sunday. People always talk about there not being enough "hours in the day" to get things accomplished. Then the one day in the year we get an extra hour, people complain about being up an hour earlier when in fact they got the same amount of sleep!

I am hoping we have a few more sunny crisp days before the snow sticks!!! Yes ma'ma we have had snow flurries already. It's so sickening to think winter is around the corner. I need to psych myself up about snow photography. It's hard because the snow makes exposure so hard to get right, but when it's done correctly, it's amazing!!

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