Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Naughty Nikon

Or maybe the title should be Naughty Nikki? I am still learning how to shoot my Nikon D5100. The aperture and shutter priority modes are a little different than Canon. I think with the Canon it's a little more automatic, in some ways. Nikon has a feature called ISO sensitivity and I don't quite understand it much. Took some pictures last weekend and the ISO's were much higher than I have ever shot at. According the Exif data, log of what the camera was set to, these ISO's were achieved in aperture priority. So I am hitting the iPad, ok not really, but I am cracking open my manual in iBooks to see what I can learn.
Nikon has a lot of user forums, but they are really "geared" towards gear. (yes that was intentional). I wish I could hire a tutor. Then again the Madphotoguy would not like that one bit!!! I have to say that I do have a lot of fun with this Nikon camera. I don't know why but I really do.
Hey I will take any free advice my peeps.... (lol there are maybe 10 of you IF that) can offer.

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