Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Whenever I had an excuse for something
my mom would always say could’ve, should’ve, would’ve.
I always hoped I would go to photography school.
My more practical side kept me from going
as it wouldn’t be something I could count on as a
career. "There are too many photographers
out there better than me."
That’s what I would tell myself.
The other day I met someone who did what I
didn’t do. She is a photographer, actually
a photojournalist. She’s also a mom and
a wife. She was able to do it all.
I wonder if I hadn’t made excuses and
BELIEVED in myself more, if it


I know just because I am a Mom and
a wife now that "my life" isn’t done,
I can’t take that chance right now. When
Parker is older and we are
more "settled" maybe it will be the
"right time". I don’t know if this is another
EXCUSE or if I am being smart.
What are your thoughts? Is it another excuse or is
it the sensible thing to do?
been me?

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