Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Making old new again....

Madphotoguy and I traded our iMac desktop
for a used MacBook laptop.  Thanks to
Craigslist, I am mobile once again!
However, ironic as it may be,
I am sitting at home at my desk :)

The idea is to get a dock and a
nice BIG monitor to edit picts on.
Laptops are easier to keep away from
Madphotoboy too! He likes to pull on power cords!

Camera update:
Well there isn't any update, according to 
Canon's website. : (
It's still is at the NJ repair center.
I will not have my camera for the 
madphotofam mini-reunion in Chicago
this weekend, that is almost a give in now.
It may not even be here for my birthday.

I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning
I kid that has already found all 
their presents in Mom's secret hiding spot.
I should have known that Canon's idea of
2 weeks is at least a month. 

At least I know I will have it eventually.
It's not  like waiting for the Madphotoguy 
to approve a new purchase!!! 
That can take months and sometimes years!!!! 
heheh lol  ;)

1 comment:

  1. LOL....i just gave my dock to my son for his laptop.....

    i love love love my laptop for evening playing on the couch and traveling, but now i'm going to get a desktop for daytime, when i'm sitting in my office all day....
    funny how that works :)