Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back in Action!!!!

I am very happy to announce the arrival
or RE-arrival of my metal baby. 
My 60D is back from it's journey to
the East Coast and with a few
minor adjustments, looks and captures
like new.

It actually DID arrive on Monday but it 
has been a long week so far. So here are some
pictures from Monday.

We went to a little beach for the first time as a family.

The Madphotoboy was a little unsure at first.

Madphotoguy (AKA Daddy) helped MPB get his bearings.

"I got it now Dad, don't need your help any more. Thanks!"

Now the MPB is standing on his own watching the waters wash his feet clean.


I think he was getting a little too brave at this point!

It was a great first trip to the beach, however the Madphotofam did learn a few things...

1. Never leave home without a swim diaper and trunks for baby.
2.  Feed baby, and feed enough, before departing for beach.
3. Bring food for mom and dad too.  This will prevent moodiness.

These few tips should make your beach outing 
twice as fun!!


  1. So cute!!! Pictures look great! Just like new.

  2. You've had your camera back for a week now. Why nothing new!?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. fun times....oh those little piggies in the sand are too cute!