Sunday, June 19, 2011

Piles and piles of .........




Yes, those are sweaters, and yes I know it is June. 

Yep this is all of the laundry that has piled up. I hate doing laundry more than anything. I have been so busy with catching up with laundry but it's ok because it's a cloudy humid day.

Of all that we could have done on father's day Bob decide he wanted to sleep, 
and of course like father like son. Both the madphotoguy and the madphotoboy took a 
THREE hour nap! I took a nap of a more reasonable time, one hour. 

Ginger was upset there were people in her bed.

When the boys woke up it was story time. It was so cute, while it lasted. 

I love my boys. Madphotoguy you are an awesome Dad.
Happy Father's Day!

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