Thursday, June 23, 2011

GTD- Getting Things Done!!

I finally worked out today!! Woo Hoo!
It was a light workout but it is a start. 
I'd procrastinated long enough. I am excited and
I can't wait to go in tomorrow AM and hit it harder.

I am going to be a little sad tomorrow as I send of my "baby" 
(well me electronic baby) my camera to be looked at by Canon. There is 
a piece of rubber that is pulling away from the grip and the Canon rep said 
to send her in and they will fix it up and clean the sensor, all covered under warranty!
I was a little concerned they might think it was cosmetic but he said he has heard of the issue 
and has seen it repaired. They SAY it will only take about 2 weeks for shipping and repair. 
I really hope they are right. In the meantime I will be experimenting with the Madphotoguy's
new Canon T3. I'll let you know what I think of it...

So if all goes well I should have my camera back before the big 32! 
(FYI  that will be July 19 for anyone who is counting down with me.) 

BTW the piles of laundry never did get conquered on Sunday. That is on 
the top of the GTD list.

Wish me luck!!!!

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  1. *Sends luck* Thanks for the girls night in!