Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So finally a nice day today. Bob, Parker and I went on a little nature walk in the retirement community behind our apartment.
This bird house is all ready for some birdy to move in!
We had such a great family walk. But like all great things it had to end. BUT nature had a surprise for us.
The Sand Hills Cranes live nearby. Each summer we get to see these guys. At first it can be a little daunting because they are about 5 feet tall! The are a rare breed of cranes from what I understand.
The three of us were all set to head home. Parker had some napping to do and Bob had to get to work. But Nature had one more surprise for us..
What you actually can't see is in the tall grass there are 2 baby cranes! From what I understand it is most common for cranes to have a single chick. Not only did we get the pleasure of seeing our first Crane couple of the season, we got to see a whole new family.
Oh Spring is definitely here!!!

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  1. i've heard they will kill the weaker baby and that's why they usually only have one with them when you see them :(