Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wonderful Meetings...

It's so strange how things work sometimes. I had an appointment to meet up with a photo group to discuss blogging. Since I'd just started this blog about a week ago, I figured I may be able to learn something new. The content included the things I knew already but I was able to help a few others out. The organizer of this meet had been blogging for over 5 years, and I have to say she was very interesting. She had only been doing photography for 3 years but was already had a photography business! It's incredible how digital photography has brought so many different medias together. I was a tiny bit jealous. I have had this passion for photography for over 10 years and I have never even enlarged a picture of my own and hung it in my home! I never felt anyone would want to see the photography I shot, so I never printed it. I want to make photography a larger part of my daily life but I've been concerned about that taking away time from my family. I was given some wonderful suggestions on how to include my passions in to my daily life without taking the focus off my family. It sounds so silly to say but I think finding the right photographers to surround myself with can only make me a better photographer. It's not about comparing my skills to theirs, it's about learning from each other and enhancing each others knowledge. - Thank you Beth for the chat today. It was very eye opening. :)

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  1. nikki...
    the new blog design looks amazing and look at that sweet face below this post. how lucky are you to be his mom !!

    and you're so right. don't compare. don't try to be like someone else.
    be yourself.
    for some reason it takes us women years to do that.
    to be accepting of who we are, just the way we are. so you're on the right path.

    and right now, you have a baby to love on and that's such an amazing job in and of itself. being a mom is a full time job no matter what else you do. enjoy the ride.

    it was great to meet you too and you know when you need help with anything, i'm just down the road !!