Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The beginning is always the best place to start....

There are several reasons I am starting this blog, but mostly I want to get my opinions out there as well as my photography. Of course I will through in my two cents here and there too. But first somethings about me..... I grew up outside of Chicago. I am a city girl married to a country sort of guy. I am a wife and mom. On paper I suck as a housewife, just being honest. I don't cook, I mean at all, nada, nothing. I don't keep up on laundry as well as I should. It's an uphill battle. Even if I washed every stitch of clothing in the house, as soon as I go to bed there is going to be more. I do not have a dirty home, it is not a disaster area and it's perfectly safe for anyone to walk in my home. This all said I rather do about anything then say at home and clean. I do have to say I am a pretty good mom, but we will get to that. My family started about 8 years ago, but I didn't know it at the time. I had just moved to Madison from Misery, or as it is more commly know as, Missouri. A friend of mine, or a friend at the time, had just moved to Madison and offered me a place to crash while I figured a few things out on my life. It was a no lose situation. Life somewhere rent free for a few months while I checked out Madison. I was here in Madison for a few months and then I got a new job. This where things get good. I met Bob, or as introduced to me, Stalker Bob. I didn't quite understand why he had that nickname he didn't look stalker-ish. After a few weeks in I realized that eventhough Bob worked another floor, he was everywhere I would turn, not in a creepy way, he was just all over the place. Everyone kept trying to get Bob and I together but I did not date co-workers. This policy was newly instated because of a previous relationship at said workplace. As long as Bob and I worked together, we would not be dating. Three years go by and I find myself needing a change in atmosphere. I decide on a whim to move to leave my beloved Madison and move to Milwaukee with a friend. Bob was happy we would no longer be co-workers but unhappy that I was moving. Friends told him to give up on me, but he could not. Three horrible months later, Bob helped me get back to Madison. I think we lasted like 10 days before we started dating and within 2 months we were living together. In June 2008 we were married on a beautiful beach in FL.I guess you can't fight fate :) To have or not to have... that was OUR question. To have a baby or not. Bob was 32and I was 30. We had been married just over a year and we just could not decide. We decided not to decide and just let fate take over. I was getting annoyed with not making a choice and was ready to decide not to have a baby at the moment. Little did I know fate had decided we WOULD be parents. 9 months and about 60 POUNDS later, Parker James (AKA PJ) came into our life at 12:32 PM on 04/18/2010. We had no idea how our lives would be forever changed. So the last year with Parker has been wonderful and trying. Bob and I have completely taken our roles as parents in stride. It has not always been easy, but we have the worlds easiest and happiest baby. We could never have imagined life with Parker would be like this. Now that my baby is ALMOST a year old, and he's not walking YET, I can get back to me for a second. I have a passion for photography and computers. I want to get to a place where my little boy is in one hand my camera is in the other. I have been terrible about keeping a choronical of my child. I go through spurts of taking a ton of pictures and then not taking any. I want to be more consistent I want to make sure PJ understands why Bob calls me the Madphotogirl.


  1. This BOB guy should sounds dreamy!

  2. Haha

    I'm the same way with Claire's pictures, we can be consistent together!

  3. I'm so glad that Bob stalked you!